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transavia virtual staf


Raymond van der Ploeg   Chief Executive Officer

Raymond is responsible to keep contact with the members and the staff. Also he is the event coordinator and doing member services. Also each banner you discover on the website, is designed by him. Raymond is one of the founders of this virtual airline.

Send an email: raymond.van.der.ploeg@transavia-virtual.com

Wouter Jan de Vries   ACEO / Chief Operating Officer

Wouter is the assistant of Raymond and assist everywhere he is able to. He is also responsible for organising the tours and member services. Also he is an helping hand to the flight operations team.

Send an email: wouter.de.vries@transavia-virtual.com

   Flight Operations

Danny Lemckert   Director Flight Technical Department

Danny is in the flight operations department responsible for training documents and training video's. Also, he keeps an eye on the current fleet of transavia.

Send an email: danny.lemckert@transavia-virtual.com

Mihajlo Radulovic   Operations Controller

Mihaljo is one of the members of flight operations team. He is particular responsible for the timetables and routes.

Send an email: mihajlo.radulovic@transavia-virtual.com


Jasper Bussemaker    Vice President ICT

Jasper is our computer specialist. He is responsible for the systems and also our own log software the dispatch manager. Also, Jasper is one of the founders of transavia virtual.

Send an email: jasper.bussemaker@transavia-virtual.com

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