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Fabio MiliGenova -IT
event callsign: TRA3169inactive

number of flights:42 average flight distance:666 NM
hours flown:85:11 average flight time:2:01
total flown distance:27,965 NM (1.29 times around the world)
number of flights this month:0 (0:00)
number of flights previous month:0 (0:00)
last flight:01-11-2020 11:14z
favourite aircraft:Boeing 737-800
smoothest landing:-15 ft/m @ 123 KIAS
best landing (-200 ft/m):-191 ft/m @ 112 KIAS
roughest landing:-259 ft/m @ 143 KIAS
average landing:-102 ft/m @ 130 KIAS
top 5 departure airports
airport how much
EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol10
LOWI Innsbruck6
LFPO Paris Paris Orly2
LHBP Budapest2
LIPX Verona Villafranca2
top 5 destinations
airport how much
EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol9
LOWI Innsbruck6
LFPO Paris Paris Orly2
LIPX Verona Villafranca2
LLBG Tel Aviv Ben Gurion2
top 5 routes
from to how much
LOWI InnsbruckEHAM Amsterdam Schiphol5
EHAM Amsterdam SchipholLOWI Innsbruck5
LHBP BudapestLLBG Tel Aviv Ben Gurion2
EHAM Amsterdam SchipholLIPX Verona Villafranca2
ULLI St PetersburgEFRO Rovaniemi1

flight from to date A/C duration distance touchdown
TRA302LIPX(Verona Villafranca)EKCH(Copenhagen Kastrup)01-11-2020B737 (PHXRB)2:00677 NM-115 ft/m @ 127 KIAS
TRA5461EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LIPX(Verona Villafranca)28-10-2020B738 (PHHZV)1:41548 NM-72 ft/m @ 116 KIAS
TRA6610LOWI(Innsbruck)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)12-10-2020B737 (PHXRC)1:37526 NM-88 ft/m @ 119 KIAS
TRA6609EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LOWI(Innsbruck)11-10-2020B737 (PHXRY)1:25459 NM-55 ft/m @ 124 KIAS
TRA6610LOWI(Innsbruck)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)19-09-2020B737 (PHXRA)1:11450 NM-80 ft/m @ 121 KIAS
TRA6609EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LOWI(Innsbruck)18-09-2020B737 (PHXRA)1:48536 NM-191 ft/m @ 112 KIAS
TRA6610LOWI(Innsbruck)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)16-09-2020B737 (PHXRX)1:21481 NM-93 ft/m @ 118 KIAS
TRA6609EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LOWI(Innsbruck)15-09-2020B737 (PHXRD)1:29461 NM-111 ft/m @ 114 KIAS
TRA1421LGKO(Kos)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)09-09-2020B738 (PHHZW)3:481469 NM-60 ft/m @ 128 KIAS
TRA1421LGRP(Rhodos)LGKO(Kos)08-09-2020B738 (PHHSA)0:3987 NM-104 ft/m @ 134 KIAS
TRA1421EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LGRP(Rhodos)08-09-2020B738 (PHHXA)3:241483 NM-15 ft/m @ 123 KIAS
TRA5914LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)07-09-2020B738 (PHHZV)1:04285 NM-122 ft/m @ 136 KIAS
TRA5913EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)07-09-2020B738 (PHHZE)1:01267 NM-87 ft/m @ 131 KIAS
TRA3169EGMC(Southend)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)03-09-2020B738 (FHTVC)1:01217 NM-61 ft/m @ 134 KIAS
TRA3169LEBL(Barcelona)EGMC(Southend)03-09-2020B738 (FHTVC)3:25802 NM-107 ft/m @ 128 KIAS
TRA3169LOWW(Vienna)LEBL(Barcelona)02-09-2020B738 (FHTVC)2:18806 NM-259 ft/m @ 143 KIAS
TRA3169EKBI(Billund)LOWW(Vienna)02-09-2020B738 (FHTVC)1:44607 NM-74 ft/m @ 133 KIAS
TRA3169EFRO(Rovaniemi)EKBI(Billund)01-09-2020B738 (FHTVC)2:07835 NM-73 ft/m @ 130 KIAS
TRA3169ULLI(St Petersburg)EFRO(Rovaniemi)31-08-2020B738 (FHTVC)1:39507 NM-95 ft/m @ 132 KIAS
TRA3169LBSF(Sofia)ULLI(St Petersburg)30-08-2020B738 (FHTVC)2:321107 NM-138 ft/m @ 133 KIAS
TRA3169LLBG(Tel Aviv Ben Gurion)LBSF(Sofia)29-08-2020B738 (FHTVC)2:43982 NM-104 ft/m @ 132 KIAS
TRA3169LHBP(Budapest)LLBG(Tel Aviv Ben Gurion)29-08-2020B738 (FHTVC)3:341239 NM-109 ft/m @ 131 KIAS
TRA3169LHBP(Budapest)LLBG(Tel Aviv Ben Gurion)28-08-2020B738 (FHTVC)1:43716 NM-52 ft/m @ 130 KIAS
TRA3169EDDT(Berlin Tegel)LHBP(Budapest)27-08-2020B738 (FHTVC)1:33527 NM-95 ft/m @ 134 KIAS
TRA3169LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)EDDT(Berlin Tegel)26-08-2020B738 (FHTVC)1:40595 NM-115 ft/m @ 132 KIAS
TRA3169LEZL(Sevilla San Pablo)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)25-08-2020B738 (PHHSI)1:53854 NM-126 ft/m @ 134 KIAS
TRA3169GMMX(Marrakech)LEZL(Sevilla San Pablo)24-08-2020B738 (PHHSI)0:56408 NM-77 ft/m @ 132 KIAS
TRA3169LEIB(Ibiza)GMMX(Marrakech)23-08-2020B738 (PHHSI)1:50702 NM-130 ft/m @ 148 KIAS
TRA3169LIRN(Naples)LEIB(Ibiza)22-08-2020B738 (PHHSI)2:31708 NM-103 ft/m @ 133 KIAS
TRA3169EHRD(Rotterdam)LIRN(Naples)21-08-2020B738 (PHHSI)2:15859 NM-96 ft/m @ 134 KIAS
TRA3169EIDW(Dublin)EHRD(Rotterdam)20-08-2020B738 (PHHSI)1:33463 NM-239 ft/m @ 139 KIAS
TRA3169BIKF(Keflavik)EIDW(Dublin)19-08-2020B738 (PHHXA)2:23858 NM-91 ft/m @ 125 KIAS
TRA3169EGGP(Liverpool)BIKF(Keflavik)18-08-2020B738 (PHHXA)2:41968 NM-108 ft/m @ 132 KIAS
TRA5462LIPX(Verona Villafranca)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)15-08-2020B738 (PHHSG)3:28604 NM-149 ft/m @ 137 KIAS
TRA5461EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LIPX(Verona Villafranca)14-08-2020B738 (PHHXD)1:42547 NM-92 ft/m @ 141 KIAS
TRA6610LOWI(Innsbruck)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)13-08-2020B737 (PHXRB)1:42518 NM-78 ft/m @ 128 KIAS
TRA6609EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LOWI(Innsbruck)12-08-2020B737 (PHXRD)1:56468 NM-54 ft/m @ 116 KIAS
TRA6610LOWI(Innsbruck)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)11-08-2020B737 (PHXRX)1:37528 NM-98 ft/m @ 126 KIAS
TRA6609EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LOWI(Innsbruck)10-08-2020B737 (PHXRD)2:12528 NM-115 ft/m @ 129 KIAS
TRA3169LOWI(Innsbruck)EGGP(Liverpool)09-08-2020B738 (PHHXA)2:12760 NM-90 ft/m @ 138 KIAS
TRA3169ESSA(Stockholm Arlanda)LOWI(Innsbruck)07-08-2020B738 (PHHXA)3:24831 NM-62 ft/m @ 140 KIAS
TRA3169EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)ESSA(Stockholm Arlanda)06-08-2020B738 (PHHXA)2:29692 NM-87 ft/m @ 138 KIAS

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