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transavia.com virtual rules and regulations

First of all we would like to welcome you at the website of the official transavia.com virtual.

We would like to keep it nice and that's why we had to arrange some rules. When everyone accept these rules no problems will arise and we can enjoy our hobby to the highest level.

Read the rules below before registering.

Rules and Regulations of transavia virtual:

1.0 Membership
1.1 When applying for a membership at transavia virtual, you are already active on the networks of IVAO (IVAO.aero) or VATSIM.
1.2 The general rules of these networks (see 1.1) take effect when you are flying for transavia virtual.
1.3a A membership can be accepted when you are at least 15 years of age AND when you have at least 25 online hours on the above networks (see 1.1).
1.3b A member of the staff will decide to add a new member in age versus online hours.
1.4 In the case of abuse of our rules and/or the general rules of the networks, you can be suspended.

2.0 Pilots
2.1 A minimal knowledge of flying with a flight simulator is required, any training requests can be made via the website.
2.2 We expect you to have a minimal knowledge of the English radio telecommunications and of the concepts used in aviation.
2.3 We expect that new pilots complete their first flight within 14 days afteravtivation, if not removal will follow without notice.
2.4 To stay active as a pilot, you have to fly a flight from the timetable which is active at that moment at least 1 time in 40 days.
2.5 When you do not follow rule 2.4 you status will go automatically into "inactive". From then on you have got 60 days to comply with rule 2.4. In the case of the non-compliance with this rule, your account will be deleted without notice.
2.6 If you are unable to be online for a longer period, you can log in at "my transavia virtual" and enable holiday mode. You are allowed to be in holiday mode for a maximum of 90 days. If you expect to be longer than 90 days in holiday mode, please contact the membership department. When you stay longer in this modus removal will follow without notice.

3.0 Timetable
3.1 To log your flights you will have to use our free dispatch manager. You can find it at "our software" page in the "crew centre" section of the website.
3.2 At all times you are required to login on both networks with a TRA or TVF callsign which can be found at the corresponding flight in the timetable or via events and tours.
3.2a Doing a TRA flight the callsign used is "transavia"
3.2b Doing a TVF flight the callsign used is "france soleil"
3.3 When you do not want to use the timetable you can use a so-called ad hoc flight/positioning flight, you can create one in the dispatch manager.
3.4 Flights which are carried out through the dispatch manager must be flown online at one of the networks defined at rule 1.1, the exception to this rule can be found at rule 3.5.
3.5 Generally all flights are flown online. However we maintain a policy which enables you to fly to up to 15 flights per month offline. This is logged and can be checked by the staff.
3.6 With the exception of our own tours you may not log other tours for transavia virtual, except if it meets the requirements in rule 3.7.
3.7a The adhoc/positioning flights under an TRA callsign are carried out to or from Dutch airports only.
3.7b The adhoc/positioning flights under an TVF callsign are carried out to or from French airports only.
3.7c The adhoc/positioning flights defined in 3.7a and 3.7b need to depart or arrive in the area of this map.
3.7d Whenever an adhoc/positioning flight is flown in "real life", the staff can make an exception on the map defined in 3.7c. The staff will keep track of the adhoc flights and will keep updated info about the adhoc flights on the homepage of our website.

4.0 Forum
4.0 When you have registered at transavia virtual you can sign in with the same login data at the forum. We recommend the use of the forum.
4.1 Paints for addon 737 aircraft (such as PMDG or iFly) can be downloaded from the website. It is not permitted to spread your own made paints or paints made by others via the forum. Spreading of our own paints is not permitted!
4.2 In the English sections of the forum we expect you to use the English language.
4.3 The use of forum signatures is allowed (see also rule 4.5).
4.4 Advertising of products is not permitted without permission of the CEO or ACEO.
4.5 Forum signatures may cover a total maximum of 600 (wide) at 100 (high) in pixels. Or it can be 2 separate signatures, each with a size of 300 (wide) at 75 (high) pixels.
4.6 Vulgair language use, assaulting etc. don't belong at our forum. When abusing this rule you can be suspended.

The staff has got the authorization to make exceptions to the rules at all times.

Click here if you accept the rules and want to continue the registration process!

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This website is not owned by transavia, nor is transavia responsible for the content of this website.