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Jeremy DebrouxVillers la Ville -BE
event callsign: TRA666inactive

number of flights:54 average flight distance:763 NM
hours flown:146:07 average flight time:2:42
total flown distance:41,177 NM (1.9 times around the world)
number of flights this month:0 (0:00)
number of flights previous month:0 (0:00)
last flight:05-03-2019 14:10z
favourite aircraft:Boeing 737-800
smoothest landing:-22 ft/m @ 139 KIAS
best landing (-200 ft/m):-196 ft/m @ 145 KIAS
roughest landing:-2643 ft/m @ 480 KIAS
average landing:-233 ft/m @ 146 KIAS
top 5 departure airports
airport how much
EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol13
LFPO Paris Paris Orly11
LPPT Lisbon3
DTTJ Djerba2
LEMD Madrid Barajas2
top 5 destinations
airport how much
LFPO Paris Paris Orly11
EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol10
LEMD Madrid Barajas3
LEMG Malaga3
LPPT Lisbon3
top 5 routes
from to how much
LPPT LisbonLFPO Paris Paris Orly3
LFPO Paris Paris OrlyLEMD Madrid Barajas3
LOWI InnsbruckEHAM Amsterdam Schiphol2
LFPO Paris Paris OrlyLPPT Lisbon2
LFPO Paris Paris OrlyDTTJ Djerba2

flight from to date A/C duration distance touchdown
TRA6412LIRN(Naples)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)05-03-2019B738 (PHHXI)2:38910 NM-119 ft/m @ 146 KIAS
TRA6411EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LIRN(Naples)04-03-2019B738 (PHHXO)2:02847 NM-115 ft/m @ 136 KIAS
TVF3811LICJ(Palermo Punta Raisi)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)03-03-2019B738 (FGZHA)1:25769 NM-176 ft/m @ 146 KIAS
TVF3810LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)LICJ(Palermo Punta Raisi)01-03-2019B738 (FGZHY)1:30835 NM-182 ft/m @ 144 KIAS
TRA6602LOWI(Innsbruck)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)27-02-2019B738 (PHHSF)1:37554 NM-131 ft/m @ 135 KIAS
TRA6601EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LOWI(Innsbruck)25-02-2019B738 (PHHXK)1:23461 NM-171 ft/m @ 139 KIAS
TVF4675LIPZ(Venice Tessera)LFRS(Nantes)17-02-2019B738 (FHTVA)0:17142 NM-102 ft/m @ 145 KIAS
TVF4674LFRS(Nantes)LIPZ(Venice Tessera)14-02-2019B738 (FGZHD)1:45667 NM-145 ft/m @ 128 KIAS
TVF3134LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)LEBL(Barcelona)10-02-2019B738 (FHTVH)1:24470 NM-171 ft/m @ 130 KIAS
TVF3431LPPT(Lisbon)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)07-02-2019B738 (FHTVA)2:21864 NM-134 ft/m @ 151 KIAS
TVF3430LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)LPPT(Lisbon)06-02-2019B738 (FGZHL)2:27844 NM-144 ft/m @ 148 KIAS
TVF3188LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)LEMD(Madrid Barajas)29-01-2019B738 (FGZHA)1:47609 NM-175 ft/m @ 144 KIAS
TVF3875DTTJ(Djerba)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)29-01-2019B738 (FGZHK)23:521003 NM-146 ft/m @ 141 KIAS
TVF3874LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)DTTJ(Djerba)27-01-2019B738 (FGZHK)1:371034 NM-191 ft/m @ 150 KIAS
TVF3161LEMG(Malaga)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)26-01-2019B738 (FGZHO)1:22854 NM-112 ft/m @ 127 KIAS
TVF3160LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)LEMG(Malaga)26-01-2019B738 (FGZHO)2:21845 NM-97 ft/m @ 150 KIAS
TVF3431LPPT(Lisbon)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)25-01-2019B738 (FHTVF)2:35846 NM-211 ft/m @ 135 KIAS
TVF3430LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)LPPT(Lisbon)24-01-2019B738 (FHTVE)2:23861 NM-111 ft/m @ 140 KIAS
TVF4101DTTJ(Djerba)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)24-01-2019B738 (FGZHY)0:069 NM-128 ft/m @ 140 KIAS
TVF4100LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)DTTJ(Djerba)23-01-2019B738 (FGZHO)1:201015 NM-118 ft/m @ 135 KIAS
TRA5951EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LPPT(Lisbon)23-01-2019B738 (PHHSF)2:311093 NM-169 ft/m @ 140 KIAS
TRA6630LPMA(Funchal)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)23-01-2019B738 (PHHZL)3:561592 NM-22 ft/m @ 139 KIAS
TRA6629EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LPMA(Funchal)21-01-2019B738 (PHHSF)3:351549 NM-125 ft/m @ 133 KIAS
TVF4640LFRS(Nantes)LPPR(Porto)20-01-2019B738 (FGZHM)1:37550 NM-178 ft/m @ 131 KIAS
TRA5282EPKK(Krakow)EHEH(Eindhoven)19-01-2019B738 (PHHZN)1:38610 NM-58 ft/m @ 140 KIAS
TRA5324LIRP(Pisa)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)13-01-2019B738 (PHHSI)2:09693 NM-216 ft/m @ 126 KIAS
TRA5323EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LIRP(Pisa)13-01-2019B737 (PHXRX)1:38647 NM-108 ft/m @ 129 KIAS
TRA6653EHEH(Eindhoven)LEMG(Malaga)11-01-2019B738 (PHHZN)1:19583 NM-304 ft/m @ 142 KIAS
TRA6654LEMG(Malaga)EHEH(Eindhoven)11-01-2019B738 (PHHZW)2:251057 NM-414 ft/m @ 146 KIAS
TRA5021EHRD(Rotterdam)LEMG(Malaga)11-01-2019B737 (PHXRV)19:201141 NM-2643 ft/m @ 480 KIAS
TRA5012LFLB(Chambery)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)08-01-2019B737 (PHXRY)1:28449 NM-667 ft/m @ 143 KIAS
TRA5011EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LFLB(Chambery)08-01-2019B737 (PHXRV)2:09479 NM-174 ft/m @ 132 KIAS
TRA5356LPFR(Faro)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)07-01-2019B738 (PHHSC)3:111127 NM-118 ft/m @ 145 KIAS
TRA5355EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LPFR(Faro)07-01-2019B738 (PHHSC)2:391124 NM-53 ft/m @ 138 KIAS
TRA5323EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LIRP(Pisa)05-01-2019B738 (PHHZW)1:52628 NM-228 ft/m @ 139 KIAS
TRA6820LJLJ(Ljubljana)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)04-01-2019B738 (PHHXL)1:57628 NM-128 ft/m @ 141 KIAS
TRA6819EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LJLJ(Ljubljana)04-01-2019B738 (PHHSJ)0:28573 NM-360 ft/m @ 149 KIAS
TRA5131EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LEBL(Barcelona)03-01-2019B738 (PHHZO)2:16764 NM-181 ft/m @ 141 KIAS
TRA5820LIBD(Bari)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)02-01-2019B738 (PHHXG)2:51950 NM-118 ft/m @ 138 KIAS
TRA5819EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LIBD(Bari)02-01-2019B738 (PHHSC)0:45375 NM-211 ft/m @ 135 KIAS
TRA5582LFMN(Nice)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)02-01-2019B738 (PHHSI)2:26655 NM-167 ft/m @ 144 KIAS
TRA5581EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LFMN(Nice)01-01-2019B738 (PHHZW)1:45636 NM-134 ft/m @ 126 KIAS
TRA6602LOWI(Innsbruck)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)01-01-2019B738 (PHHXK)1:52475 NM-226 ft/m @ 132 KIAS
TRA6601EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LOWI(Innsbruck)31-12-2018B738 (PHHSI)3:27470 NM-790 ft/m @ 124 KIAS
TVF3459LPPR(Porto)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)30-12-2018B738 (FGZHQ)2:16754 NM-138 ft/m @ 142 KIAS
TVF3459LPMA(Funchal)LPPR(Porto)30-12-2018B738 (FGZHQ)1:37633 NM-484 ft/m @ 146 KIAS
TVF3458LPPR(Porto)LPMA(Funchal)29-12-2018B738 (FHTVC)1:47727 NM-148 ft/m @ 132 KIAS
TVF3181LEMD(Madrid Barajas)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)28-12-2018B738 (FGZHY)1:36616 NM-62 ft/m @ 143 KIAS
TVF3180LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)LEMD(Madrid Barajas)27-12-2018B738 (FGZHN)2:11621 NM-183 ft/m @ 143 KIAS
TVF3521LGAV(Athens)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)23-12-2018B738 (FGZHU)3:011218 NM-338 ft/m @ 156 KIAS
TVF3520LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)LGAV(Athens)21-12-2018B738 (FGZHQ)2:231211 NM-115 ft/m @ 143 KIAS
TVF3435LPPT(Lisbon)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)21-12-2018B738 (FGZHO)2:10862 NM-196 ft/m @ 145 KIAS
TVF3181LEMD(Madrid Barajas)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)16-12-2018B738 (FGZHA)1:52650 NM-88 ft/m @ 140 KIAS
TVF3180LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)LEMD(Madrid Barajas)08-12-2018B738 (FHTVE)1:48598 NM-184 ft/m @ 137 KIAS

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