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Jamie Janssen (staff, dispatcher & flowcontroller)Haarlem -NL
event callsign: TRA5807active

number of flights:27 average flight distance:1,016 NM
hours flown:73:46 average flight time:2:43
total flown distance:27,426 NM (1.27 times around the world)
number of flights this month:9 (22:40)
number of flights previous month:3 (10:55)
last flight:16-01-2022 23:02z
last time online as dispatcher:never been online
favourite aircraft:Boeing 737-800
smoothest landing:-22 ft/m @ 139 KIAS
best landing (-200 ft/m):-206 ft/m @ 120 KIAS
roughest landing:-654 ft/m @ 143 KIAS
average landing:-247 ft/m @ 130 KIAS
top 5 departure airports
airport how much
EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol3
LFPO Paris Paris Orly2
LQSA Sarajevo2
EHEH Eindhoven1
EHRD Rotterdam1
top 5 destinations
airport how much
LFPO Paris Paris Orly4
EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol3
EHEH Eindhoven1
EHRD Rotterdam1
EKCH Copenhagen Kastrup1
top 5 routes
from to how much
LQSA SarajevoLFPO Paris Paris Orly2
UUEE Moscow SheremetievoEHRD Rotterdam1
OJAI Amman Queen AliaEHAM Amsterdam Schiphol1
LUKK KishinauLRIA Iasi1
LRIA IasiEHAM Amsterdam Schiphol1

flight from to date A/C duration distance touchdown
TRA5807LRIA(Iasi)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)16-01-2022B738 (PHHSF)2:43975 NM-143 ft/m @ 143 KIAS
TRA5807LUKK(Kishinau)LRIA(Iasi)16-01-2022B738 (PHHSF)0:2459 NMno landing
TRA5807EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LUKK(Kishinau)14-01-2022B738 (PHHSF)2:211029 NM-283 ft/m @ 150 KIAS
TRA5807OJAI(Amman Queen Alia)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)14-01-2022B738 (PHHZI)5:311951 NM-231 ft/m @ 128 KIAS
TRA5807HECA(Cairo)OJAI(Amman Queen Alia)14-01-2022B738 (PHHZI)1:02373 NM-22 ft/m @ 139 KIAS
TRA5807LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)HECA(Cairo)13-01-2022B738 (PHHZI)4:281766 NM-288 ft/m @ 136 KIAS
TRA5807LEJR(Jerez)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)13-01-2022B738 (FGZHV)2:25823 NMno landing
TRA5807LFLL(Lyon Lyon Saint-Exupery)LEJR(Jerez)12-01-2022B738 (FGZHV)1:58758 NM-117 ft/m @ 138 KIAS
TRA5807LQSA(Sarajevo)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)11-01-2022B738 (FGZHV)1:48668 NM-654 ft/m @ 143 KIAS
TRA5807EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)OMSJ(Sharjah)09-12-2021B738 (PHHXO)6:533065 NM-255 ft/m @ 124 KIAS
TRA5807LQSA(Sarajevo)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)09-12-2021B738 (FGZHV)2:08764 NM-163 ft/m @ 129 KIAS
TRA5807EHEH(Eindhoven)LQSA(Sarajevo)08-12-2021B738 (PHHSK)1:54742 NM-288 ft/m @ 120 KIAS
TRA5807GMMX(Marrakech)EHEH(Eindhoven)26-11-2021B738 (PHHSK)3:331399 NM-164 ft/m @ 114 KIAS
TRA5807GVAC(Sal)GMMX(Marrakech)26-11-2021B738 (PHHSK)3:101251 NM-122 ft/m @ 120 KIAS
TRA5807LPMA(Funchal)GVAC(Sal)26-11-2021B738 (FHTVK)3:011121 NM-444 ft/m @ 136 KIAS
TRA5807LFRS(Nantes)LPMA(Funchal)24-11-2021B738 (FHTVK)2:541161 NM-278 ft/m @ 127 KIAS
TRA5807LOWI(Innsbruck)LFRS(Nantes)20-11-2021B738 (FHTVK)2:01626 NMno landing
TRA5807EKCH(Copenhagen Kastrup)LOWI(Innsbruck)20-11-2021B737 (PHXRY)1:36559 NM-206 ft/m @ 120 KIAS
TRA5807LFLB(Chambery)EKCH(Copenhagen Kastrup)20-11-2021B737 (PHXRY)2:13711 NM-273 ft/m @ 125 KIAS
TRA5807EHRD(Rotterdam)LFLB(Chambery)19-11-2021B737 (PHXRY)1:39430 NMno landing
TRA5807UUEE(Moscow Sheremetievo)EHRD(Rotterdam)16-11-2021B738 (FGZHB)3:111217 NM-248 ft/m @ 127 KIAS
TRA5807LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)UUEE(Moscow Sheremetievo)16-11-2021B738 (FGZHB)3:371368 NM-122 ft/m @ 126 KIAS
TRA5807ENTC(Tromso)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)16-11-2021B738 (PHHXL)3:281381 NM-90 ft/m @ 126 KIAS
TRA5807ENKR(Kirkenes)ENTC(Tromso)16-11-2021B738 (PHHXL)1:02244 NM-39 ft/m @ 124 KIAS
TRA5807EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)ENKR(Kirkenes)10-11-2021B738 (PHHXL)3:281326 NM-537 ft/m @ 126 KIAS
TRA165LGKP(Karpathos)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)29-10-2021B738 (PHHXF)3:451471 NM-447 ft/m @ 134 KIAS
TRA5635LGSM(Samos)LGKP(Karpathos)28-10-2021B738 (PHHXB)1:33188 NM-264 ft/m @ 130 KIAS

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