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Adrian Lopez GallegoMalaga -ES
event callsign: TRA41Ainactive

number of flights:23 average flight distance:763 NM
hours flown:44:00 average flight time:1:54
total flown distance:17,551 NM (0.81 times around the world)
number of flights this month:0 (0:00)
number of flights previous month:0 (0:00)
last flight:31-07-2019 11:41z
favourite aircraft:Boeing 737-800
smoothest landing:-66 ft/m @ 135 KIAS
best landing (-200 ft/m):-202 ft/m @ 131 KIAS
roughest landing:-428 ft/m @ 138 KIAS
average landing:-161 ft/m @ 129 KIAS
top 5 departure airports
airport how much
EHRD Rotterdam3
LFPO Paris Paris Orly3
EDDM Munich2
EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol2
LOWI Innsbruck2
top 5 destinations
airport how much
EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol3
LFPO Paris Paris Orly3
EDDM Munich2
EHRD Rotterdam2
LOWI Innsbruck2
top 5 routes
from to how much
LTFJ Istanbul Sabiha GokcenEHEH Eindhoven1
LOWI InnsbruckEHGG Groningen1
LOWI InnsbruckEDDH Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel1
LFPO Paris Paris OrlyLEBL Barcelona1
LFPO Paris Paris OrlyEIDW Dublin1

flight from to date A/C duration distance touchdown
TRA41ALFML(Marseille)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)31-07-2019B737 (PHXRB)2:00642 NM-115 ft/m @ 130 KIAS
TRA41AEHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)LFML(Marseille)31-07-2019B737 (PHXRB)1:45628 NM-70 ft/m @ 128 KIAS
TRA41AEDDT(Berlin Tegel)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)30-07-2019B738 (PHHZX)1:20344 NM-172 ft/m @ 138 KIAS
TRA41AEDDM(Munich)EDDT(Berlin Tegel)30-07-2019B738 (PHHZX)1:07311 NM-92 ft/m @ 137 KIAS
TRA41ALEAL(Alicante)EDDM(Munich)28-07-2019B738 (PHHZX)2:21911 NM-163 ft/m @ 126 KIAS
TRA41AEDLV(Niederrhein)LEAL(Alicante)26-07-2019B738 (PHHZX)2:26942 NM-141 ft/m @ 141 KIAS
TRA41ALEMG(Malaga)EDLV(Niederrhein)26-07-2019B738 (PHHZX)2:481116 NM-195 ft/m @ 133 KIAS
TRA41AEHGG(Groningen)LEMG(Malaga)24-07-2019B738 (PHHZX)3:061191 NM-161 ft/m @ 138 KIAS
TRA41ALOWI(Innsbruck)EHGG(Groningen)23-07-2019B738 (PHHZE)1:32506 NM-66 ft/m @ 135 KIAS
TRA41AEDDH(Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel)LOWI(Innsbruck)23-07-2019B738 (PHHZE)1:22465 NM-132 ft/m @ 123 KIAS
TRA41ALOWI(Innsbruck)EDDH(Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel)21-07-2019B738 (PHHZE)1:34487 NM-92 ft/m @ 133 KIAS
TRA41AEKCH(Copenhagen Kastrup)LOWI(Innsbruck)14-07-2019B738 (PHHZE)1:38563 NM-278 ft/m @ 119 KIAS
TRA41AEHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)EKCH(Copenhagen Kastrup)12-07-2019B738 (PHHZE)1:21389 NM-170 ft/m @ 136 KIAS
TRA41ALEMD(Madrid Barajas)EHAM(Amsterdam Schiphol)12-07-2019B738 (PHHXD)2:22840 NM-163 ft/m @ 128 KIAS
TRA41AEHEH(Eindhoven)LEMD(Madrid Barajas)11-07-2019B738 (PHHXD)2:19830 NM-118 ft/m @ 129 KIAS
TRA41ALTFJ(Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen)EHEH(Eindhoven)09-07-2019B738 (PHHZN)3:171247 NM-428 ft/m @ 138 KIAS
TRA41AEHRD(Rotterdam)LTFJ(Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen)08-07-2019B738 (PHHZN)3:101340 NM-138 ft/m @ 133 KIAS
TRA41AESSA(Stockholm Arlanda)EHRD(Rotterdam)07-07-2019B738 (PHHZO)2:05710 NM-111 ft/m @ 130 KIAS
TRA41AEDDM(Munich)ESSA(Stockholm Arlanda)30-06-2019B738 (PHHZO)2:01734 NM-253 ft/m @ 128 KIAS
TRA41ALFPO(Paris Paris Orly)EDDM(Munich)29-06-2019B738 (FGZHE)1:25453 NM-96 ft/m @ 132 KIAS
TRA41AEHRD(Rotterdam)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)29-06-2019B737 (PHXRD)1:08319 NM-105 ft/m @ 125 KIAS
TRA41AEGKK(London Gatwick)EHRD(Rotterdam)28-06-2019B737 (PHXRA)1:02243 NM-202 ft/m @ 131 KIAS
TRA41AEHRD(Rotterdam)EGKK(London Gatwick)28-06-2019B737 (PHXRA)0:51216 NM-126 ft/m @ 130 KIAS
TVF3861EIDW(Dublin)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)23-12-2015B738 (FGZHT)1:53577 NM-217 ft/m @ 115 KIAS
TVF3860LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)EIDW(Dublin)13-12-2015B738 (FGZHQ)1:51549 NM-265 ft/m @ 119 KIAS
TVF3133LEBL(Barcelona)LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)13-12-2015B738 (FGZHL)1:59517 NM-104 ft/m @ 119 KIAS
TVF3132LFPO(Paris Paris Orly)LEBL(Barcelona)07-12-2015B738 (FGZHN)1:46481 NM-175 ft/m @ 116 KIAS

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