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This website is ment for flight simulation enthusiasts and purposes only. In search of the real company? Click here for the website of transavia

Welcome to the website of the official transavia virtual.

transavia virtual is a virtual airline for users with flight simulators like Microsoft FS2004, FSX, X-Plane and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D. In the virtual network environments of IVAO and VATSIM people can bring together with transavia virtual to an even higher level of realism to experience the real airline in operations. This can only found with us! Meanwhile we have build up a good reputation with IVAO and VATSIM as virtual airline on reality spoken. This moment we simulate the Dutch and French part of the airline.

With us you always fly with realistic flight plans, up-to-date routes, weather and NOTAMS just like in real life! In addition, we giving training-sessions and fly on regular base events and group flights. Also every year tours are organized. You also have your own profile page with all kinds of information like most destinations flown, number of hours per month and so on. This information will be added through software developed on your profile.

Also looking for even more realism? Flying like a real pilot? Please register with transavia virtual

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TRA6594LOWS - EHAMDani Zijlmans11.3 hrs ago
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